Net in Action sets up a multilateral youth exchange called

“Time Bank”



This youth exchange gathers youngsters from 5 countries:

– Italy

– Bulgaria

– Poland

– Hungary

– Sweden

Participants are between 18 and 25 years old. The gender balance is respected.

The dates of our youth exchange are: from 08th until 19th of Septembre 2013.

The themes approached are:

–          young people social inclusion

–          active citizenship

–          cultural diversity

The main aims of the exchange are:

–          help youngsters to enhance their skills and exchange them among peers

–          foster their social inclusion and their active citizenship both on a local and European level.

The project uses the “Time Banking” approach as non formal education method to reach the aims.

The Time Banking is a pattern of reciprocal services exchange that uses units of time as currency. It is an example of an alternative monetary system based on the exchange. The participants, supported by experts and facilitators, will organize time bank workshops during which individuals and partner NGOs will exchange their knowledges’ and skills.

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